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EsKay 1-Stop Management Services, LLC is a Full-Service 1-Stop Real Estate Company that provides all services in Buying, Selling, Leasing & Managing residential, investment & Commercial properties to make a constant cash-flow from your investment , to help grow value & equities in investment property , and to provide a stress-free & hassle-free experience for owners.
In short, EsKay 1-Stop Management Services, LLC will do A-Z everything to manage your rental property.

Property Maintenance and Upkeep : Retaining Values & Equities

  • 24/7 maintenance service & regular property condition checks.
  • Coordinate estimates and oversee all repair quality.
  • After move-outs, assess & coordinate necessary cleanings & repairs.
  • Coordinate turning utilities on and off for coordinating maintenance and to save owner's expenses.
  • Coordinate winterization & de-winterization for vacant homes , if needed.
  • Review the physical condition of the property and develop maintenance programs.
  • Interface maintenance problems with tenant and maintenance personnel.
  • Handling emergency calls & all kinds of make-ready services.
  • Quality repairs, maintenance & renovations.
  • Free consultations. Take help of our skills, knowledge & experience.

Good Tenant : Key to Real Estate Investment Business

  • Marketing & CMA Analysis. *
  • Thoroughly screening and qualifying potential tenants. *
  • Negotiation & finalizing lease contract. *
  • Handle tenant relations and communications.
  • Coordinate enforcement of lease agreements.
  • Determine appropriate method and terms of agreements so as to meet requirements. *
  • Legal compliance with fair housing and Texas property codes. *

Financial & Accounting Aspects : Making it Stress-free Experience

  • Financial reporting to owner.
  • Rent collection & automated timely follow-ups.
  • Handle non-payments & resolve delinquent accounts, including evictions.
  • Direct deposit for tenants & owners.
  • Manage tenant's security deposits.
  • Create and maintain a computerized summary of your account, showing incomes and expenses in detail.
  • Send out computerized monthly statement to owner on monthly activities.
  • Owners have option to let us handle all payments towards mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance & HOA.
  • Evaluate property periodically to determine rental value through market surveys.

* Services provided by EsKay Realty (Affiliated by GRE,Inc.)

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